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925 Sterling Silver Strong Is Beautiful Necklace

140 reviews



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Unlock Your Fitness Potential: The Secret to Staying Motivated

Some people find their motivation to work out waning after the initial burst of enthusiasm, and they're left wondering why they didn't see it coming. If this has happened to you, it's not your fault. Our brains are wired to seek immediate gratification, which can make long-term fitness goals challenging. This phenomenon shows that maintaining motivation is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical one.

Motivation is a complex beast. It's influenced by a myriad of factors including our mood, environment, and even the words we surround ourselves with. Yes, words have power. They can inspire us, push us forward when we're on the brink of giving up.

Scientific research supports this idea too. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that self-affirmation - reminding ourselves of our values and strengths - can significantly boost our ability to maintain self-control in the face of temptation (1). This is particularly relevant when it comes to sticking with a fitness regimen or diet plan.

So how do we harness the power of words for our fitness journey? One effective way is through constant reminders in our daily life - like an inspirational quote pendant on a necklace.

This isn't just any necklace; it's a sterling silver piece designed with your fitness journey in mind. It serves as more than just an accessory; it's your personal cheerleader, whispering words of encouragement every time you glance at its gleaming surface.

The pendant carries an inspirational quote that speaks directly to your inner warrior, reminding you of your strength and determination. It’s like having a personal trainer who’s always there with you, pushing you forward when things get tough.

This necklace isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good too. Wearing this piece can help create positive associations with working out and staying fit – turning what might have been a chore into a source of joy and pride.

The beauty of this method is its simplicity. There's no need for complicated routines or expensive equipment. All you need is the necklace around your neck, serving as a constant reminder of your fitness goals and the strength within you to achieve them.

This sterling silver necklace with an inspirational quote pendant isn't just jewelry; it's a tool for motivation, a symbol of your commitment to fitness, and a testament to your inner strength. It's time to unlock your fitness potential.

(Become the best version of yourself)

1. Schmeichel, B.J., & Vohs, K. (2009). Self-Affirmation and Self-Control: Affirming Core Values Counteracts Ego Depletion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 96(4), 770-782.



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140 reviews

Cindy Hart

Verified purchase

I bought 5. One for myself and four others for my personal trainer and the group of ladies I train with. They love them we all wear them daily. The quality is wonderful they are very lightweight so you almost don’t know it’s there… But then again, you do know it’s there, I highly recommend this product


G Calistro

Verified purchase

Love this small but perfect statement piece


Erin Ditzell

Verified purchase

I love this! I’ve had it for about 5 years now! I sleep, shower, and workout with this necklace. It’s dainty, but strong. Great quality necklace ❤️


Beth Minor

Verified purchase

Love it! Im an avid CrossFitter and wear this necklace daily. It’s well made and is my favorite.


Jennifer Youngren

Verified purchase

I love this necklace! It's a daily reminder of never giving up


Rodney Perman

Verified purchase



laurel loflin

Verified purchase

i have been on my strength building journey for two and a half months now. I have never been a weight lifter, but I am now. I've lost 15 pounds and i hope to lose 31 more. Regardless of that, i feel better and i am wearing clothes that had to be dusted off to be worn. I love my daily reminder around my neck that helps me keep going, even when i don't want to! It's beautiful, sturdy and poignant!


Sam Smith

Verified purchase

Purchased it for my sister who's dedicated to her workouts! She absolutely loves it, it's very feminine and she wears it everyday! Will be purchasing another one for myself!! Great product!

Angel Bird

Verified purchase

Really beautiful and represents strength yet dainty

Sarah Ostroski

Verified purchase

I love this necklace. It is great quality, and just the right size. It is small, but just big enough to draw attention to the fact that I am wearing a dumbbell. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to remind themselves and others how beautiful strength is!

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